With AlphaCorr™ Rules™ and SteelRules™ you can now quickly locate structural packaging and point-of-purchase display design files from your CAD database with ease. Using the power of Windows 7 or Mac OS X Spotlight (Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion) you can search by customer, designer, job number, die number, sales rep and more. A preview thumbnail displays in the operating system browser for easy visual reference and organization.

Having complete control over your design database has never been so good.

Quickly find display or packaging design files in the AlphaCorr software database using Windows Search.
Use Windows Search to find AlphaCorr software packaging and design files.
Locate AlphaCorr software packaging or display design files in Mac Finder.
Use Mac Spotlight to search for display
and packaging design files in AlphaCorr software.
Use Mac Spotlight Cover Flow to search for AlphaCorr software box and self-standing display design files.
Search for AlphaCorr software packaging and display design
files using Mac Spotlight and Finder Cover Flow.
Quickly find AlphaCorr freestanding display and packaging design software files using Windows 7 Search.
Quickly finds AlphaCorr point-of-purchase display
and packaging design files using Windows 7 Search.