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The Smarter, Easier Precision CAD for Designing:
Point-of-Purchase Displays • Packaging • Steel Rule Dies

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Dieline Genius offers fast customization of packaging and point-of-purchase display designs from your library of resizable templates. Create standies, movie and product displays, and the steel rules to produce them with AlphaCorr packing and design software on Mac or Windows. AlphaCorr precision CAD supports Zünd digital cutters and Canon digital printing systems for producing packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Conceptualize, design and visualize packaging and point-of-purchase displays that sell using AlphaCorr precision CAD software on Mac or Windows. AlphaCorr precision CAD software lets you easily conceptualize, design and visualize point-of-purchase and packaging designs on Mac or Windows.

Create or modify precision display and packaging designs in corrugated and folding carton materials for boxes, self-standing and retail displays, and pop-ups on your choice of Mac or Windows platforms. Select a template from our library of over 500 designs or create your own from scratch, visualize the results in 3D and output the results to production. You can even design your own steel rules dies if you’d like.

AlphaCorr software uses the Ashlar-Vellum™ CAD engine for intuitive, organic or parametric design without compromising power, precision or flexibility. Formerly known as Rules Software, AlphaCorr was the original genius behind Ashlar Score! from 1992.