Why AlphaCorr packaging and display design software beats the competition.

Below are the ten best reasons to use to AlphaCorr Rules™ and SteelRules™ software for designing packaging, point-of-purchase displays and steel rule die layouts. Dozens of our customers have already made the transition from Dimensional Impression Score, ESKO ArtiosCAD, or Arden Software Impact.

Solid business backing

AlphaCorr has acquired RulesSoftware, the originators of Ashlar Score (prior to ownership by Dimensional Impressions). AlphaCorr has licensed Graphite from Ashlar-Vellum, the CAD software on which Ashlar Score was based and will continue to be developed. AlphaCorr management brings significant business and marketing experience to complement the packaging, sales display, and die cutting industry expertise of Rules and the technical acumen of Ashlar-Vellum.

Regular updates

Customers of Dimensional Impression’s Score have loved the product but traditionally grumbled about its lack of updates. Now as the primary focus of AlphaCorr, this packaging and design software and its customers will get the technical attention it deserves.

No transition costs

AlphaCorr packaging, display and steel rule design software looks and feels like the original software that you love. There are no costs associated with retraining, legacy data, or productivity loss as you move to software that is simply more robust and full featured.

Choice of operating systems

Now that ESKO Graphics/Dimensional Impressions has discontinued Score, AlphaCorr software is the only packaging and display software that supports both Macintosh and Windows operating systems, letting your packaging and display designers, and your production department use the platforms of their choice.

Significant products improvements

AlphaCorr has taken the software beyond what was available with Score to include such things as:

  • Parametric design and resizing from a simple right click
  • Data manager
  • User-definable data fields
  • Multiple automated custom spec sheets
  • All of the CAD features of Ashlar-Vellum’s Graphite v8

Solid customer service, development and support teams

With solid business backing comes good company management philosophy offering excellence in customer services, technical support, and product development focused on the needs of the packaging and point-of-purchase display industry.

Freestanding displays and the steel rule dielines to produce them are easy to design in AlphaCorr software on Mac or Windows.