Experience AlphaCorr design software in action.

Dieline Genius lets graphic artists quickly create dielines for corrugated and folding carton material structures from a library of proven professional designs. This Adobe Illustrator plug-in offers:

  • A library of over 500 parametric designs
  • 3D visualization functions
  • 3D PDF and other exports
Dieline Genius customizes designs from our packaging and display library.
See how easy it is to assembly and view a two-piece carton using Dieline Genius
as a plug-in from within Adobe Illustrator.
  1. From within Adobe Illustrator open the library.
  2. Open the Dieline Genius library of resizable packaging and display designs from within Adobe Illustrator.
  3. From the library’s tree structure select one of the 500+ designs for packaging or point-of-purchase displays.
  4. Choose one of the designs from the Dieline Genius library of 500+ templates for packaging and point-of-purchase displays.
  5. The design is previewed in 2D and 3D views.
  6. Preview the customizable box or standalone display design in 2D or 3D from the Dieline Genius library.
  7. Modify the default parameters including length, width, depth and other dimensions including material thickness as appropriate to the design.
  8. Customize the default parameters for the box or display design.
  9. This design is properly sized with a click of the button and inserted into Adobe Illustrator as a 2D view where all panels are properly sized for the parameters entered. Creases, through cuts and folding angles are all calculated.
  10. The design is inserted into Illustrator with panels properly sized per the parameters, with ceases, through cuts and folding angles calculated.
  11. Use Adobe Illustrator tools to add graphics to the structure on layers as desired.
  12. Use Illustrator to add graphics to the design of the packaging or point-of-purchase display structure.
  13. Open the 3D preview window where the folded design appears in 3 dimensions. Rotate, zoom and pan to examine it thoroughly.
  14. Preview the packaging or display design in 3D by rotating, zooming and panning.
  15. Save the image or export it as a 3D PDF.
  16. Save or export the packaging or point-of-purchase display design as a 3D PDF.

Library extensible using AlphaCorr Rules™ and SteelRules™ precision CAD software for packaging, point-of-purchase and steel rule die design.

Compatible with Adobe Illustrator versions:

  • CS6
  • CC
  • CC 2014
  • CC 2015

Exports to file formats:

  • 3D PDF
  • JPG

Dieline Genius 3D AI Plug-in Subscription

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  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

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