Precision CAD for designing great packaging and point-of-purchase displays on Mac or Windows.

AlphaCorr Rules v9 SP0 has everything for the design of packaging, point-of-purchase and self-standing displays in one powerful, yet easy to use, package. Quickly draw, modify and detail professional designs with precision and ease. From concept through physical sample, Rules gives you everything the professional packaging and display designer needs to send great looking, sophisticated designs to production.

Learn how AlphaCorr Rules makes packaging and display design faster,
easier and more enjoyable in this 7 minute video.
AlphaCorr Rules provides everything needed to design boxes, folding carton and point-of-sale displays in easy-to-use precision CAD software.
Rules provides everything needed by a designer of packaging
and point-of-purchase displays in one easy-to-use CAD package.

Easy User Interface with Drafting Assistant

Built on Ashlar-Vellum’s precision CAD drafting engine, AlphaCorr Rules features Ashlar-Vellum’s patented Drafting Assistant™ for intelligent snaps and automatic precision alignment of midpoints, endpoints and construction lines. There’s no guesswork, no commands to remember, no complex steps to learn. Just click for perfect results every time.

Ashlar-Vellum’s Drafting Assistant gives box and sales display designers precision alignment of their packaging and point-of-purchase structures.
The Drafting Assistant provides easy precision alignment.

Comprehensive Design Library

Create an original design, modify a design from our extensive parametric library or simply use it as is. Rules provides a full set of flexible designs for point-of-purchase displays, cartons and boxes. The library includes ECMA and FEFCO designs and can be edited in combination with integrated parametrics. Visually displayed designs make finding the desired carton fast and easy.

It’s easy to find any kind of folding carton or corrugated display design shape from Rule’s library of resizable templates.
Any particular packaging or point-of-purchase display template is easy
to find from the extensive list using Rules’ visual interface.

Built-in Data Manager

The Data Manager in Rules records materials, inches of rule, customer data and other details directly in the CAD file in an easily searchable and exportable format. Integrates with Windows Desktop Search and Mac OS X Spotlight or with the AlphaCorr Database Server for custom ERP/MRP integrations.

Data manager records material, rule, customer and other information in the file for use with operating system search or custom ERP/MRP integrations.
The data manager records design and customer information
in the CAD file in an easily searchable format.

Directly Drive Sample Tables

Export industry-standard files specially tuned to drive networked or directly connected sample tables.

Integrated Parametrics

Quickly build or modify smart packaging and display designs by plugging in geometric values or variable expressions. It’s fast, accurate, and easy.

Resizable templates quickly design folding carton, cardboard boxes or standing point-of-purchase displays.
Use parameters to quickly build smart designs.

Standard Rules and Variations

Rules supports all standard variations including knife, perf, zipper and score.

Auto Dimensioning

In addition to extensive dimensioning tools, Rules will quickly place the necessarily annotations for the overall design on the drawing sheet with a single command.

Automated Spec Sheets

Rules’ automated specification sheets are easily customized to include all the production information critical for any client’s job as well as your logo and company information.

Specification sheets are automatically generated and easily customized to include all production information for a client’s job.
Automated spec sheets are easily customized.

Matrix Score Simulation for Sample Tables

Rules automatically creates the scoring pattern for simulating a matrix score for sample table prototypes.

Shrinkage Adjustment

The program automatically calculates the adjustments for shrinkage on mounting holes, knife rule, perf rule, zipper rule and score rule including matrix.

Mac/Windows Hybrid License

Work on the platform of your choice using just one license for each user.

Rules Subscription

Provides unlimited personal access on a single desktop. Includes subscription to Folding Genius 3D for AI.

Subscribe for:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Recommended System

  • Windows / Macintosh Support
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
  • OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14s
  • DVD Drive or High Speed Internet Connection
  • USB Port or Network Connection for Key

Features List

  • Easy Ashlar-Vellum Interface with Drafting Assistant™
  • Comprehensive Design Library
  • Standard Rules and Variations
  • Built-in Data Manager
  • Integrated Parametrics
  • Auto Dimensioning
  • Automated Spec Sheets
  • Matrix Score Simulation for Sample Tables
  • Shrinkage Adjustment
  • Mac/Windows Hybrid License

General Features

  • 16 Place Floating Point Accuracy
  • Hybrid Mac/Windows Office/Home Licensing
  • Infinite Pan and Zoom
  • 256 Layers with Grouping Control
  • 234 Colors, 170 User-definable from a Palette of 16.7 Million
  • Unlimited Drawing Size
  • Unlimited Number of Objects

User Interface

  • Updated, Intuitive Ashlar-Vellum Interface
  • Drafting Assistant for Automatic Snaps and Alignments
  • Smart Cursor Changes Shape Indicating Active Tool and Operations
  • Tear-off Tool Palettes
  • Strokes and Short Cut Keys Provide Instant Access to Commands and MacrosStatus Line to Specify Object Parameters
  • Message Line Provides Tool Feedback, Instructions, and Options
  • Edit Objects Dialog Box
  • World and User-defined Coordinate Systems
  • All Data Entry Fields can Perform Numeric Calculations
  • Object Grouping and Locking
  • Scroll Wheel Zoom and Spacebar Panning
  • Axis Locking
  • Orbit Tool
  • Nudge Tool Moves Selected Items a User-definable Distance
  • Selection Mask for Easier Selection of Specific Entity Types
  • Grid (User-definable)
  • Layer Manager

Drawing Tools

  • Wireframe Creation Tools:
    • Point Line
    • Connected Line
    • Mid-point Line
    • Arc
    • Circle
    • Ellipse
    • Rectangle
    • Polygon
    • Through-point Spline
    • Vector Spline
    • Extrude
    • Revolve
    • Smart Walls
  • Wireframe Editing Tools:
    • Fillet
    • Chamfer
    • Trim
    • Relimit
    • Break
    • Offset
    • Add Spline Points
    • Modify Spline Slope
    • Intersect Two Curves
    • Construction Lines
    • Offset, Divide
    • Insertion of Architectural Symbols in Smart Walls with
    • Auto Healing of Intersections in Smart Walls

Sample Table Outputs

  • Outputs:
    • HPGL
    • DXF 2000
    • DXF R14
    • DMP HI
  • Sample Matrix


  • Multiple
  • Detail
  • Dynamically Linked

Batch File Conversions

  • Via Convert Command
  • Per Directory

2D Analysis

  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Weight
  • Centroid
  • Moments of Inertia

Selection Tools

  • Fence
  • Crossing/Intersecting Line
  • Enclosed Polygon
  • Automatic Boundary Detection
  • Eye Dropper

2D Drawing Creation

  • Customizable Layouts
  • Smart Dimension Tool
  • Automatically Creates the Appropriate Dimensions
  • Dimensions:
    • Linear
    • Angular
    • Diametric
    • Radial
    • Baseline Method
    • Chain Method
    • Ordinate (Datum Method)
    • Circle Center Marking
  • Standard and User Definable Tolerances and Settings (ANSI, DIN, ISO,JIS, Dual, Architecture, and Stacked Fraction)
  • Hatch and Fill Patterns
  • Line Weights, Colors, Styles, and Rule Types
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Dynamic or Static Dimensioning
  • Rule Types
  • Auto Dimensioning
  • Recon Tool
  • Perf Tool
  • Zipper Rule Tool
  • Identical Line Removal
  • Zero Length Line Removal

Data Manager

  • Default Database Fields:
    • Customer Name
    • Job Number
    • Die #
    • Identification
    • Sales Rep
    • Drawn By
    • Spec No
    • File ID
    • File Path
    • Customer ID
    • Design #
    • Date
    • Number Out
    • Length
    • Width
    • Depth
    • Die Size X
    • Die Size Y
    • Total Inches
    • Knife Inches
    • Score Inches
    • Perf Inches
    • Cut-Score Inches
    • Cut-Crease Inches
    • Breaker Knife Inches
    • Balance Knife Inches
    • Mylar (Yes or No)
    • Laser Cut (Yes or No)
    • Notes
    • Blank Sq Ft
    • Grain/Corrugation Direction
    • Inside/Outside View
    • Flute Size
    • Finish Type
    • Joint Size
  • Sub Assemblies Tracking
  • Revision History Tracking
  • Export Data Manager info to tab delimited text file

General Transform Tool

  • Move
  • Linear Duplicate
  • Rotate
  • Polar Duplicate
  • Scale (Uniform)
  • Mirror

Text Tools

  • Multi Line or Paragraphs
  • Autotext Forms
  • Normal, Bold, Italics
  • At an Angle
  • Set Font, Size, Color

Parametric Constraints

  • 2D/3D
  • Equation-driven
  • Creates Smart Formula-driven Symbols

Symbol Libraries

  • Reference of Instances Offers Updates upon Reentry
  • Thousands Included
  • Panel Provides Click-through Viewing of All Directories Prior to Loading
  • Hundreds of Display & Packaging Designs
  • Parametric Driven Designs
  • Industry Standards ECMA & FEFCO
  • Resizable Stylesheets
  • Mechanical & Architectural CAD Libraries in ANSI & DIN

Additional Drafting Tools

  • Automated Bill of Materials
  • Symbols Panel
  • Multiple Sheets per Document
  • Spell Check Includes User Dictionary and Many Foreign Languages
  • Navigator Palette
  • Plotter Fonts (True Vector Style)
  • Pen Style Palette
  • Rules Type Palette
  • Linearize Splines


  • DWG/DXF (Up to 2008)
  • PDF (Export Only)
  • EPS
  • Graphite (Import Only)
  • Vellum (Import Only)
  • Score! (Import Only)
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • DDES2
  • CFF2 (Export Only)
  • Spline (Import Only)
  • ASCII Text
  • Claris CAD (Import Only)
  • BMP
  • MetaFiles (Windows only)
  • Bill of Materials
  • PICT (Mac Only)
  • GCode (Import Only)
  • Attributes (Export Only)
  • HPGL
  • Sample Table (Outputs)
    • HPGL
    • DXF 2000
    • DXF R14
    • DMP HI

PDF Integration

  • Direct (Generates Non-tessellated Arcs)
  • Multi-sheet
  • Optional Embedded Exports

Localized User Interface

  • English (US)
  • Coming Soon:
    • English (UK)
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Russian (Windows only)