A few words about the history of AlphaCorr™ and SCORE! Software

AlphaCorr has recently acquired RulesSoftware, the original and continuing developers and sellers of the outstanding Ashlar Score product. A version of this original software was renamed SCORE! after Dimensional Impressions acquired the right to sell that product, which in turn was acquired by Artwork Systems, which was then swallowed up by ESKO Graphics. As you know, in 2008 ESKO announced that they are discontinuing SCORE!. SCORE! users are now faced with a dilemma.

The only problem-free solution to the dilemma

Throughout all of the ownership and support upheavals in the (now) ESKO version of the SCORE! product, AlphaCorr remains steadfastly dedicated to supporting its customers designing packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Now that SCORE! is no longer being supported, helping SCORE! customers with a very simple move to Rules™ and SteelRules™ software has become one of AlphaCorr’s new objectives. The mission is to ensure that you will have a solution that you already know with an easy transition.

Those moving from SCORE! to AlphaCorr software can expect

  • Reliable software from the developers that know it best
  • A familiar user interface
  • Hassle-free file transfers because AlphaCorr can read all SCORE! files
  • A software supplier under solid business and technical management
  • Management team with over 65 years in Packaging Design and CAD
  • World-class development team expert in both MAC and Windows development
  • Regular updates
  • Technical support team
  • Specific Packaging and Display industry development
  • Save money:
    • No retraining expenditures (time or money)
    • No legacy data challenges (no recreating past designs)
    • No costs associated with productivity losses (lack of new system expertise)

Your SCORE! knowledge and data are completely transferable