Get a head start on your design using one the resizable templates in AlphaCorr packaging or point-of-sale display design library.

Below are PDF files of the catalog listing and the full catalog pages for AlphaCorr’s parametric design library. These designs are included with all AlphaCorr products including Rules™, SteelRules™ and Dieline Genius™. Dieline Genius license options include versions for Desktop, AI Plug-in or Online for a little as US $2.00 per design.

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Choose from over 500 resizable designs among the folding cartons and standalone displays in the AlphaCorr library.

AlphaCorr Design Library as of Nov. 2014 Catalog List (17 MB)

Choose from among the many resizable designs in the library of our freestanding display and packaging software.

AlphaCorr Design Library as of Nov. 2014 Catalog Pages (70 MB)