Extended access to design data across your organization.

The AlphaCorr Database Server adds expanded data organization and access management to the search facilities already in Rules™ and SteelRules™ packaging design software.

It provides an organized vault of design file data from everyone in your company using Rules or SteelRules software. This means data can be managed, searched and sorted to provide reports and analysis from designers in your entire company, in a safe and efficient way.

Project or customer information for packaging and point-of-sale displays is shared across the work group with the AlphaCorr Database Server.
When Rules or SteelRules is configured to access
the AlphaCorr Database Server,
file data is easily managed across the work group.

Want to impress your IT department? Just tell them this a central index repository for design files and related metadata for enterprise-wide deployment on qualified virtual servers using the VMware server infrastructure.

The AlphaCorr Database Server extends the built-in file manager capabilities within Rules or SteelRules from a single desktop user to an entire enterprise, allowing wider access to the data necessary to effectively manage your packaging and display designs.

As a virtual server it is deployed under VMware ESX/ESXI 5.5 and can be integrated at an additional cost with nearly any ERP/MIS system.

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All products require the one-time purchase of a Wibu CodeMeter USB stick (sold separately for US $100.00 + shipping and handling).