Experience AlphaCorr design software in action.

See how AlphaCorr software is the fastest, easiest software for designing packaging and point-of-purchase displays, and the steel rule dies to make them.

For Best Viewing Experience:

  1. Select HD resolution using the Settings icon. Upon starting the video tutorial, a small gear graphic appears in the lower right corner. Click on it and select a resolution from the Quality popup box. Choosing one of the HD resolutions makes it easier to read the screen text during the tutorial.
  2. Select Full Screen. In the same area, click the icon on the far right with corner outlines to enlarge the viewer to better see the details.
See how easy it is to assembly and view a two-piece carton using Dieline Genius
as a plug-in from within Adobe Illustrator.
Learn how AlphaCorr Rules makes packaging and display design faster,
easier and more enjoyable in this 7 minute video.
Dieline Genius™ customizes designs from our packaging and display library.
Watch your flat dielines fold in 3D inside Illustrator with Folding Genius™.
Design packaging and displays with Rules precision CAD software.
Visualize flat-print design as a finished product using Folding Genius.
Create packaging and displays, working online, in Dieline Genius.
It’s easy to design boxes and retail displays in Rules™ software.
Make a Bobst cutting die and stipping jigs in 10 minutes in SteelRules™.
Make a rotary steel rule die in 8 minutes in SteelRules.
Easily move from Score! to AlphaCorr Rules or SteelRules.
Create packaging and retail displays with Dieline Genius library designs.