The Document Data Manager provides quick access to all the important parts of a design as they apply to you. Rules™ calculates a number of different attributes concerning the design:

  • Die size X and Y
  • Inches of Rules contained in the design broken down into types
  • FileID – a unique integer that identifies the file internally and for the database
  • Modification Date – the last time the design was saved
  • The current date
  • The Blank square footage
  • Several other internal attributes

These calculated “internal” attributes are always gathered as long as Use Data Tracking is selected in the Rules Preferences dialog. So if you are making a lot of sketches and trial designs before getting to the finished design, turn this option off in the Rules Preferences dialog and save the file. The setting is localized on a per file basis and is saved to the Prefs file. If you normally work as described above then set the default setting in the Use Data Tracking option to “Off.” You can promote any design into the tracking system by clicking Utilities → Start Data Tracking.

Just because the attributes are automatically collected doesn’t mean you have to use them. You can set up any scheme you like in the Document Data Manager.

Changing Text Entry Fields

Inside the program folder locate the “Scripts” folder. In that folder, you should see the “AutoFills.fe” file. This file controls a variety of the settings in the Document Data Manager. The Text Entry Fields are the names you see in the top section and look like this:

/RulesDbHeaders[ (CustomerName)(JobNumber)(Die#)(Ident)(SalesRep)(DrawnBy)(SpecNo)(FileID)(FilePath)(CustomerID)(Design#)(Date)(NumberOut)(Length)(Width)(Depth)(DieSizeX) (DieSizeY)(RuleIn)(KnifeIn)(ScoreIn)(PerfIn)(Cut-ScoreIn)(Cut-CreaseIn)(BKIn)(BalKnifeIn)(WoodSizeX)(WoodSizeY)(WoodSqFt)(Jigs)(Mylar Y/N)(Laser Cut)(D. Factor)(# Cut-Outs)(# Slots)(# Punches)(# Emboss)(Notes)(BlankSqFt) ]store

Each Text Entry Field has a name that appears in the list above inside parenthesis as shown. The format of these entries is very important. You can add, change or delete items as you wish. The list items must be contained in parenthesis. “White” space (spacing and line breaks) is not important, but the rest is.