Rules™ is intended to provide basic notes, typically required data and dimension annotations. The current version does have some limitations when it comes to text and dimensions. All text must be on one line. Rules is capable of making multi-line, multi-color text paragraphs with style capabilities down to the individual character. While it is possible to create a paragraph of all shapes, colors and sizes, Rules HPGL output does not support such text. Limit your text for output to single line text boxes of one color and size. Text boxes that have more than one line of text will appear in your output as one line of text at the size of the text box minus margins that contains it. So if I send out a two-line text box with Blue 24pt text, in HPGL it will be one 48pt line of text:

Text boxes in Rules packaging and display software should be limited to single lines of text.


A two line text box will become one line of text at double the point size when output to HPGL from Rules box making software.

If you want to have multi-line text in your output, create separate text boxes for each line and then you can set each line to have its own set of colors and sizes. Future versions may support more text options.

Basic linear dimensions are supported in Rules HPGL output. Dimensions do have limitations. Although Rules creates Circumferal, Diametric, radial and angular dimensions, they are not yet supported in the HPGL output. Again, the intent is to support the basic requirements of most applications of the system. If you are on a service contract contact AlphaCorr™ for work arounds for making different annotations that are not yet supported.