Rules uses preset directories to speed the output process. The basic idea is that certain shared network folders or directories are typically used to pool prototyping or manufacturing files. Sample tables and lasers usually are pointed at a network folder where the HPGL files are dumped to them. The main goal in developing AlphaCorr™ products is to reduce the number of truly annoying and pointless steps in the process to a bare minimum. Set up your directories to point to the folders or shared directories that are used to send files to your sample maker, laser, bender or plotter. The dialog also allows you to set the directory for the Spec Chooser, the Data File and the DataBase snapshots. Once set, these directory paths are recorded into the initialization file and do not need to be reset unless the directory or folder you to which you want to output changes. The top four items, Open, Save, Import and Export are controlled by the operating system. Leave them blank. If you set these directories they will be over written when another program performs one of those functions.

Set up directories in Rules standalone display and packaging design software to point to folders used to send files to our production equipment.

HPGL Direct output is a one step process once these directories are set. If you attempt to use any of the functions that utilize these directories without having set them, you will be prompted to open the dialog and set them before using the command.

Network issues can limit the speed and operation of the direct output. You must have clear, authenticated access to the directory to which you intend to send direct output. You can usually tell if you have “clear” access to a shared directory if you have no discernable delay when opening files or saving files to that directory. If you experience any pause during these operations, you may have to change how you log on to the shared directory. Contact your network administrator for assistance.